Space Goblins



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They're taking no prisoners ...or are they? Cast adrift in a galaxy at war with itself, two brothers struggle to overcome the hordes of feuding criminals, terrorists and warlords that threaten to overrun the entire universe. Planets are covered in towering skyscrapers, huge machines of slaughter, everywhere there is evidence of the rapid descent into chaos and madness that awaits us all. Mutant gangs, entire planets enslaved by cruel masters, an array of vicious and cunning alien species inhabiting every city, every outpost, every encampment. It's just another routine mission, one of hundreds for the pair of goblin bounty hunters, tracking down some of the most heartless, ruthless pirates the solar system has known. Battle hardened and determined, Gib and Gob fight their way through the vast darkness of space, navigating their craft through various star clusters, asteroid belts and hostile moons, closing in on their next target. Will you join them on their quest to track down a vicious outlaw of the Slanina region, will you follow in their footsteps as the net closes in on their bounty, and will you dare to watch as the final confrontation ensues between them and what may prove to be their most dangerous adversary yet?